Eric Scott

Digital Product Creator

Entrepreneurial senior level product manager, software engineer, and leader. Startup and enterprise experience with a focus on agile methods to validate ideas and ship successful software, fast.

CEO and Cofounder, Dolphin Micro, 2008 to current

Dolphin Micro is a custom software development company that builds web and mobile products for startups and Fortune 500 companies that need the agility of startups.

Key Responsibility: Leadership and Business Development

Key Responsibility: Product Management

Founder and Real Estate Broker, Scott Real Estate, 2002 to 2008

The Scott Real Estate Company focused on residential sales and property management and was one of the top selling teams as an affiliate of Keller Williams Front Range Properties.

Key Responsibility: Leadership

Key Responsibility: Sales

Product Manager and Software Engineer, Eclipse, 1998 to 2002

Eclipse built an enterprise ERP system targeted for whole sale plumbing and electrical distributors.

Key Responsibility: Product Management


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